At Bristol Room Lets, we are experienced property investors and landlords, with over 30 years experience in lettings and property management. We know that as a property owner and landlord you value trust and good service from your letting agency, as well as the importance of having your rent payment guaranteed 12 months per year.

Why rent your property through us?

With the rise in rent prices, the demand for high quality, affordable accommodation for working professionals, especially room only arrangements, has increased dramatically. Landlords renting their properties per room secure a higher profit for themselves compared to landlords renting their property as a single unit, but managing the property and ensuring 100% occupancy at all times can be a real hassle.

Benefits of renting with us:

  • Guaranteed to receive full agreed rent, 52 weeks a year
  • Light refurbishment carried out on your property at our cost
  • Security that the value of your property investment is maintained
  • Closely work with you on any major repairs
  • Respectful, professional, fully checked tenants renting your property
  • Gardener & cleaners to keep your property to high standards, paid by us
  • Handyman and building team for maintenance, paid by us
  • Council tax, electricity, gas, TV license, broadband and any other bills paid on time, by us
  • Management of every aspect of your property, including keeping it legal
  • Gas and electrical safety tests kept up to date
  • Fire alarms and emergency lighting tested every month

What do we do at Bristol Room Lets?

We provide a service that is second to none to Landlords: we ensure your rent is paid on the same day, every month, for up to five years, without you ever having to get involved with tenants or in the management of the property!

How to rent your property with us?

We lease properties from our Landlords on a long term basis, from 3 to 5 years, taking over the management of the property with the full responsibility for all voids and all tenanting requirements.

We treat your property as if it is one of our own. As experienced property investors, we know what is important to you as an investor and Landlord, and we go out of our way to ensure that the service that we provide is above and beyond your expectations:

We refurbish and furnish your property, if needed. When the property is ready, we find the ideal tenants and let rooms with 6 month AST’s, and deal with all requirements relating to guarantors and deposits. We use the services of the DPS, Deposit Protection Scheme, to protect our tenants money. Tenants are vetted, credit checked and matched to the house to ensure that the harmony within the house is maintained, thus providing a great place to live.

Our tenant turnover is low with the average length of stay being just short of two years. This demonstrates the benefit of providing high quality homes with good quality furnishings and decor. We guarantee to pay your rent on the same day every month for the duration of our agreement, we cover all void periods and we will not charge you a monthly fee!

Contact us now for more information and to arrange your free property rental valuation